Coordinated activities to direct and control an organization with regard to risk.  (ISO31000)


Effect of uncertainty on objectives.  (ISO31000 )

RISK is not always related to safety and security issues, as we often think.
According to Belgian law each company should run a dynamic risk management system.
A global prevention plan evaluates how safety risks are approached over a period of 5 years. Here of course, the focus is mainly on safety.

I strongly believe that a company should not focus on safety risks, security risks, financial risks, operational risks, … separately when talking about risk management.
Every department and each coworker /manager deals with several kinds of risks. Therefore, it is important that taking care of risks is not only the responsibility of the dedicated person only, but that of the entire company.

The ISO31000 provides principles and guidelines about a risk management framework, a risk management process, … In other words: how to deal with all kinds of risks.
As an ISO31000 professional in Risk Management, I can support your company to implement a framework and risk process to manage risks.

Challenging, but work worth doing!

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