As freelance RISK COACH and SAFETY ENGINEER I offer several services:

  • Prevention advisor services (according to Belgian law)
  • Implementing safety and securtity awareness
  • Fire prevention and evacuation exercises
  • Coworker accident prevention and safety
  • Supporting implementing a risk framework and process
  • Customer safety and risk prevention for public accessible organizations
  • Providing and giving trainings
  • Insurance issues
  • Helping with drafting Emergency Response Programs
  • Supporting and designing safety within new buildings
  • See that Safety & Security issues match and coordinate
  • Auditing if internal and legal demands are implemented

Many companies can help with theoretical and legal aspects, but I want to put more focus on the practical experience that I want to share after 15 years in the risk business.
How to manage the risk business in real life!

I’m ready to travel globally to support & coach you!

Check out my Services to find more details about each service.
If you can’t find the right topic, just ask and I will probably know partners and other specialists who can provide the right service.


ing. Patrick Gillard, MSc
ISO31000 certified
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