when referring to getting coached by a professional coach: is a development process in which an individual gets support while learning to achieve a specific personal or professional objective. The individual receiving coaching may be referred to as the coachee. The coach steers the process and by asking questions, the coachee gets a larger view on his/her situation/mindset. This should stimulate the coachee to take new decisions, adapt his behavior, taken new actions, …. finally to move forward to obtain his/her objective. A coach helps a person to grow.

I believe that all safety, security, risk managers, … should behave more like a coach than a manager when working with colleagues and departments. All coworkers and especially managers, manage finally risks.
So in fact all employees (incl. line managers and of course CEO) should all act like Risk Managers!

Those entitled risk dedicated persons (prevention advisors, security managers, …) within a company should become more like coaches since they all want safety and security as well as risk assessment to be respected by each individual coworker within an organization. This culture of awareness is one of the most difficult aspects to achieve. Coaching stimulates this.

That’s why I highlight this competence and try to be different by offering my services with this coaching touch.

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