• Master of Industrial Sciences in Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics (1994) – Industriële Hogeschool Brussel (Today: Erasmushogeschool), Brussels
    Thesis: “Avoiding double flyers in the Ferag embedding system and impulse improvement” (Company: NV HOSTE –  Printing Company)
    – Internship: Company SONACA SA (Airplane construction company at Gosselies)
  • Master of Safety Engineering (1996) incl. Prevention Advisor level 1 – (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
    Thesis: “Safety during Formula 1 competition”
  • Graduated in Security Management (2003) – LUCINA (Catholic University of Leuven)
    Graduated “Leading staff from a security company” (2003) – LUCINA (Catholic University of Leuven)
    Graduated “Leading staff from a guarding company” (2003) – LUCINA (Catholic University of Leuven)
    Thesis: “Creating and implementing a specifications book for guard companies that would like to work for IKEA Belgium”
  • My Conscious Leadership (2011): Self-reflection course about our leadership
  • ISO 31000 certified in Risk Management (2013) – Eduction: Optimit together with organisation G31000 (Global Institute for Risk Management Standards)
  • Professional Coach: The Coaching Square (approved training by the International Coaching Federation ICF)
  • ISO9001:2015, Basics : Amelior
  • Training for VCA Auditors and Coordinators: BeSaCC-VCA
  • NLP Master: Your Coach bvba

Risckcoach 3


  • Dutch: mother tongue
  • German: very good
  • French: good
  • English: good


  • respectful, disciplined, enthusiastic, driven by change and creativity, diplomatic, reliable, organized, eager to learn, timed, polite, …


  • Operating systems Windows and MacOs
  • Windows Apps: Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio
  • Apple Apps: Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iWeb, iMovie, iPhoto, Aperture
  • Other Apps: Mindmanager; Basics Autocad


  • Car Driver’s License
  • Boating License

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